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High School religious education


9th - 12th Grade

Sunday, 6p-7:30p


Stuart Showalter, Religious Education Director, 866-5088, ext. 223


9th and 10th Grade

At Baptism, parents make a promise to raise their children in accord with the Catholic faith and beliefs given to them by their parents. In high school, teens have the opportunity to confirm their faith and be initiated with the gift of the Holy Spirit through Confirmation.


Our Confirmation program is a two-year program beginning in the 9th grade where students begin preparation of the sacrament and continuing through 10th grade where students will be completely ready to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Our program addresses all areas of faith formation, including religious education, social and liturgical ministry, and service. In addition to learning in the classroom, students learn and strengthen their spirituality through retreats, service projects, socials and serving St. Jude parish through various ministries.


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11th and 12th Grade

After being confirmed, many believe that they are “done” or have graduated”...WRONG!  Confirmation does not signify the end of religious education or formation. IT’S THE BEGINNING! Through Post-Confirmation class, we will continue to learn and strengthen our Catholic faith with Bible studies, prayer groups, adoration, retreats, social and liturgical ministry and service; in addition, how to grow through the experiences God gives us and the people He places in our lives.


High School religious education

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