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Eucharistic Ministers

This ministry reaches far beyond the sanctuary of the Church.  Many of these ministers dedicate their time to the sick and the homebound in nursing homes and hospitals.  Some of the ministers have chosen to be active daily by being present at morning liturgies which are celebrated in the Chapel of the Visitation of Mary at 8:15a.m., Monday through Friday while others choose to minister only during the weekend liturgies.  In working with the ministers of the Eucharist we are constantly made aware of and reminded of the importance to be the Body of Christ outside the Church doors and in our daily lives with work, play and family. 

To become a Eucharistic Minister, one must take part in one of the training sessions held once a year at the parish as well as attend a Diocesan Liturgical training session.  Another requirement for serving is the person must be living a life based on the Gospel values and be in good standing with the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office.


Eucharistic Ministers
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