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Bereavement Meals

The “Mourning Glories” Bereavement committee is an outreach ministry devoted to providing meals to families and their friends after funerals.  It is a service to our brothers and sisters in faith that offers not just a meal, but allows both Catholics and non-Catholics alike to experience the warmth, hospitality, compassion and love of Jesus in times of grief and suffering.  It is evangelization at its best.  No one person can do all things but every one can do something—making calls, preparing food, or delivering meals.  We are all family and we all have different gifts. Please consider joining this valuable ministry that needs many caring hands to meet the needs of our large parish family.                                                              

“How do we put the love for God into action?

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing...”

[Mother Teresa]



Bereavement Meals
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